Pensioners' Party

   See Gimlaim Party.

Historical Dictionary of Israel. .

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  • Pensioners' Party — refers to a political party, oriented at the interest of pensioners. There are several parties of this name:*Pensioners Party (England) *Pensioners Party (Norway) *Pensioners Party (Scotland) *Pensioners Party (Italy) *Pensioners Party of Bosnia… …   Wikipedia

  • Pensioners Party (England) — The Pensioners Party is a political party operating in England and registered with the Electoral Commission. As of May 2006, it is accepting nominations from suitable individuals to stand as candidates in future elections. According to its… …   Wikipedia

  • Pensioners Party (Norway) — Infobox Norwegian political party party articletitle = Pensioners Party (Norway) party name = Pensjonispartiet Pensioners Party party leader = Ragnar Dahl foundation = 1985 ideology = europarl = international = colours = colorcode = headquarters …   Wikipedia

  • Pensioners' Party (Italy) — Infobox Italian political party name english = Pensioners Party leader = leader1 title = Secretary leader1 name = Carlo Fatuzzo leader2 title = President leader2 name = Giacinto Boldrini leader3 title = leader3 name = leader4 title = leader4 name …   Wikipedia

  • Pensioners' Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina — The Pensioners Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Stranka Penzionera Umirovljenika BiH ) is a multi ethnic political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the last legislative elections, 5 October 2002, the party won 1.4% of the popular vote and 1… …   Wikipedia

  • Pensioners' Party of the Republika Srpska — The Pensioners Party of the Republika Srpska (Serbian: Пензионерска Странка Републике Српске, Penzionerska Stranka Republike Srpske ) is a Serbian political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the last legislative elections, 5 October 2002, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Russian Pensioners' Party — The Russian Pensioners Party (Российская партия пенсионеров, Rossiyskaya Partiya Pensionerov ) is a political party in Russia.The party was founded as the Party of Pensioners (Общественно Политиче??кая) in 1997. On November 29, 1997 Sergei… …   Wikipedia

  • Aged and Disability Pensioners Party — The Aged and Disability Pensioners Party was a minor Australian political party that contested the 2004 federal election. It supported the rights of pensioners …   Wikipedia

  • Russian Pensioners’ Party — (RPP)    Political party. Known in Russian as Rossiiskaia partiia pensionerov, the RPP was established in 1997 by Sergey Atroshenko. In the 1999 State Duma elections, the party claimed nearly 2 percent of the vote. While the party increased its… …   Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation

  • Gimlaim (Pensioners) Party —    A political party led by Abba Gefen that contested the 1988 Knesset election (See also Knesset[PARLIAMENT]) but failed to gain sufficient votes for a mandate in parliament …   Historical Dictionary of Israel

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